luni, 4 aprilie 2011

Colours of this year : fashion and make up

While fashion's change its trends, colours are always moving from darker colours to pastel colours or just lighter colours. If you want to chose the perfect colour for an event you must always to care about this rules:
1. first of all, think about the season when you wear it, it's very important to respect this rule because, if you wear light colours in winter you will look too shiny for the season and you don't want to be creepy for that time, but this isn't all if you wear light colours they ,usually, are made of simple materials, especialy for summer or spring and you must take a lot of coats on you do not freeze outwhere.
2.then, chose how will be your outfit, try to make a draw of that or just imagine because when you see it you realised how it fits on you., i will talk about make up because it's part of fashion, because if you will make up wrong, the entire outfit will be destroyed. Some women said that if you wear red, make up in red but OH MY GODNESS!!! it's a big, a huge mistake, you must make up in colours that are in contrast with clothes you wear like: if you wear red, make up with black or  darker green but NO! red.

4. and because i know that in make up exist some trends or rules they are simple and easier to use them if you know what they are : new trends are always fashionablebut depends of colour of eyes or hair.
5. in the end i will mention the colour of this year : Pantome Honeysuckle.
Thank you for reading this mini-lesson about fashion and make up trends! And i hope that it will help you!

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